Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long Weekend

The pedestrian streets at Valencia's city center.
Last weekend was a 4 day weekend for us, such a nice break from the daily grind. 

In Spain when the holiday is on a Tuesday they will often give you Monday off as well.  The only thing is they don't really tell you in advance.  So the Thursday before, when we knew that my hubbie was going to get the Monday off, we planned a quick trip.  Couldn't let a 4 day weekend go to waste. 

We chose to head to Valencia, Spains 3rd largest city and only 2 hours from our house.  We stayed in the Spanish military hotel there and visited the city center and the acquarium.
Where we stayed.

Some highlights for me:
- wandering through the city center and stumbling upon some roman pilars at the library.
- wandering through the city and seeing the police in the process of arresting someone, my daughter was dissapointed we didn't see him put in hand cuffs.
- the old food market
- finding a vendor selling vintage table cloths and linens
- the city of arts and sciences and the acquarium
- spending time with my family and seeing a new place


Nancy said...

O fun! I love how you take advantage of what is around you:) Even the cold in ND:) Do you miss it yet? It is really cold here today.

Still Grinnin' said...

Okay I am hooked. You keep posting wonderful things like this and I will be there sooner than you know.

Katie said...

Nancy, I am not missing the cold, I will miss the snow at Christmas time. Momma, we can't wait to have you.