Friday, May 27, 2011

Paris France

I have this cute girl who is a Fancy Nancy fan.  So when we were discussing places to visit in Europe we had to add Paris to the list.  In fact it will be a girls weekend just me and her.  You are invited of course.  I have been thinking about our itinerary
 We will have to visit the Eiffel Tower

Then the great lady at the Louvre

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

In my latest budget travel mag they have an itinerary for trying 5 pastry shops in the city.  I think trying pastries should be a must.

I have found a few blogs that have great ideas one is Oh Happy Day.  She found a great little shop full of ribbons and pretty things which I think is a top priority.

Have you been to Paris, what would you do there?

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Amy Tree said...

I think you have to get a little tiny eiffel tower too. Let me know when, I'm there!