Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red headed baby

Red Hair in ND May
My husbands family is full of red heads.  I love it!  When my last baby came along I was so excited when he came out with red hair.  Since moving to Spain his hair has started to change colors, just what is expected in the sun.  I love his little bleached out hair, but part of me is very concerned that too much of the red is gone, will it grow back red?  Here is a photo for every month so you can see the evidence for yourself.

June just after we got here.
July in Madrid

August: I tried all day to get a good picture of this kid, he is crying in everyone.


Kersey Campbell said...

I'm not sure if it will grow back red or not...but I had to comment, he's just too cute!

The Birds said...

So Cute!!