Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Vacation in Spain

The whole country of Spain goes on vacation in August, or at least it seems that way when trying to make last minute reservations.  We are trying to plan a last minute vacation and it is a little hard to find accomadations.  My only requirement is a pool and a/c, not to much to ask is it?

While looking at places yesterday I found this amazing place don't you love that pool.  To bad its out of my price range and booked.  Part of my problem is I always look at all the rentals not just the ones in my price range.  So then I am disapointed with the ones I can afford.  Gosh it's hard to be me. 


nyorker218 said...

You should "hover," Gilmore Girls style, to see if the renters will vacate the property the week that you want to go. You just have to go to the property and be dedicated about being creepy.

elenareviews said...

I would love to have a vacation in least a few days...but I am so busy trying to make a living for me and my two daughters.