Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taking kids on the Metro or Subway.

Recently we visited NYC and Madrid and traveled around the city by metro.  I love when a city has a good metro and bus system; it makes it so much easier to get around.  We were apprehensive about taking our 4 kids on the subway in NYC.  But after some preperation and creating a few rules for the kids, we were able to travel with success.

For the things we did click to read on.

Before going on the metro:
We wrote our cell phone numbers on pieces of paper and put one in each of the kids pockets.
We pointed out the police and information booths - places to go to if the kids are seperated from the group.  If all else fails and they don't see an official worker we told them to find a mamma with kids, the next best thing.

While in the metro:
We assigned each child to an adult, they were to hold tight to them and keep close.
We try to always find the elevators, but if all else fails it is helpful to have a nice strong man around to lift the stroller up and down the stairs.  If the big strong man isn't around, my stroller folds up really nicely and has a strap for easy carrying.

No elevator, just dad.
On the trains we tell the kids to hold on or sit down.  My boys think it is fun to try and surf while the trains are moving, which usually ends with one or more of them crashing to the ground, so we created a must hold on or sit down rule.

Little hands holding on.
We try not to rush; it is better to miss a train and be a little late getting to your next station, than to rush on and leave a little one behind.

Waiting for the next train.
Finally keep your belongings close.  While getting on to the train in Madrid we were targeted by pickpockets, they thought we must be distracted helping our kids on.  Thankfully they didn't get anything and got off at the next stop.

Following these few guidelines has helped us travel safely and successfully.  What are your tricks for taking your kids on the Metro or Subway system?

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Rudd Family Circus said...

I have zero tips but I was happy to read yours as we will be using the metro in London in a few weeks and I am VERY nervous about it with the kids. Thanks !!