Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spanish Wedding

Today while we were out we stumbled upon the coolest thing.
A spanish wedding procession.  We were leaving the pastry shop and this procession of the brides family was walking by.

Complete with flower girl holding the rings.  I was a little shocked that the little girl was walking along with the rings on the actual pillow.

Family and friends of the bride.

And best of all the novia (bride) and her sweet padre.  They were walking down the street to the Ayuntamiento (city hall) were the novio (groom) and his family were waiting.   
Awww precious!


Nancy said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing that:)

Sarah said...

Hey girl! I still have your old blog on my sidebar and decided I should just say hi on facebook. I tell you it's funny when you only catch up with people every few years because last I remember you just moved to ND or SD. Whichever freezing place it was! Now you are in Spain! That's awesome. Your family is beautiful and I hope you have many wonderful adventures to come! I just joined the 4 kid club and am wondering how in the heck I am supposed to go anywhere with these people? You need to give me some pointers! Take care- miss you guys!