Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Perfect Mohawk

This summer my boys have been trying to perfect the mohawk.  Because I won't actually cut their hair in a mohawk they have to make do with gel and water.  The other day they got it just perfect and we had to document the momentus occasion. 

First you will need Gel and water, unfortunately for dad this was the last of his.

This obviously is the most important part, the actual syling.  Don't want to mess this up.

Then perfection.

What handsome boys, I especially love how the babies does a curly cue in the front.  How have you been spending your summer?  Hopefully in fun and adventurous ways.


Nancy said...

I can't believe the baby went along with it and didn't mess it up.
Charlie is such a replica of Bill:)

Zona Bosted said...

I love Carson's little curly que in the front so cute!!