Monday, July 25, 2011

Our first house guest.

My most amazing sister-in-law has come to visit us.  We have eaten out, saw the sites, swam at the beach and the pool, and had an amazing time.

But probably the best part of all is that she is still here.  She was supposed to fly back to the states stand-by, but all the flights were full, and so she will be here for a couple more weeks.  She is a little sad to not be heading home, and we are trying to be sympathetic, it doesn't work though when you are so glad about something.

Though as this picture shows, she might be done dealing with my kids.  Or maybe that is just her frustration at having to drive in the car with four kids for 5 hours.  I completely understand.

*no babies were thrown into the water with this photo*


Nancy said...

I love your dislclaimer:) There were probably some big boys that wanted to be in the water:) Glad you got your wish! New York will wait

Zona Bosted said...

So jealous!! I want to be there threatening to throw children in the water.

nyorker218 said...

I thought when you asked to use that picture you took of me that you were going to write a sentence about me, not a whole post. I'm honored.
Also, I feel lucky that you're not kicking me out of your house because I sleep in and eat your delicious homemade gazpacho.