Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Traveling with Kids

We spent last weekend in Madrid, we found a great apartment on VRBO that was right in the heart of the city. It always makes me smile by how easily kids are entertained.  We were in this culturally rich city and they were more excited about much simpler things.

To keep four kids happy in the heat of the summer, we made lots of ice cream stops.  Every where you go there are signs that show all the ice cream options, we were stopped by the sign and the baby started signing "more" and pointing at the sign.

We found a fountain and I couldn't keep my family out of the water.  My kids can never resist water.

For our baby he was very good traveling around in his stroller.  But what he enjoyed most of all was chasing the birds.  On our last day in the Plaza Mayor there were pigeons eating some bread.  He could not be contained he was so excited to chase them.  

What about you, what make your kids most excited on your vacations?

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nyorker218 said...

I want to eat your children!