Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Couple Retreat - The Spanish Way

Hola Amigos,

How is it Wednesday already, this post was supposed to be on Monday, but time has gotten away from me. This week I don't have any school, so I am trying to get caught up on all the little things that I have let go while studying. Also trying to plan our Thanksgiving feast. 
This past weekend we attended a marriage conference. One thing I love about the Spanish is that they always include the whole family. This weekend was more of a family retreat. We went to a resort on the beach and though it was too cold to swim in the sea, the hotel had a heated pool. We relaxed, ate good food, spent time with amazing friends, swam in the pool, and had a meeting about the importance of our relationships. My kids crack me up though, they were a little annoyed that it was a 4 star hotel and there were no chocolates on the pillows. 

Some of the highlights for me were:
-Waking up to the view above.
-Having to use my spanish to get the maintenance man to come and figure out why my family was locked in the hotel room.
-Walking along the board walk with all the moms, while the dads swam in the pool with the kids.
-The food.
-The jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, all the kids had to try it out.
-Dancing at the disco at 10:30 at night, it was full of all the kids and parents from our group.

walking along the rocks, searching for crabs

Besos, Katie

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Nancy said...

What fun! I've been thinking of you all day and remembering how special it was to have you here last year. I hope your fest went well. The kids probably had school.