Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias / City of arts and sciences in Valencia

My last Valencia post.=)

While in Valencia we visited the city of arts and sciences. A huge complex with a science museum, aquarium, Imax, and more. The complex is huge and has amazing architecture.  We walked around the complex exploring and then headed to the aquarium or Oceanografic, the largest aquarium in Europe.

We loved all the exhibits, the animals were active and swimming around, which isn't always the case.  I was amazed at how large the Walrus's and some of the other animals were.

This boy kept us busy thinking when he asked us questions such as if a Sea Lion and a Polar Bear got in a fight who would win?  Also if a shark and a octopus got in a fight who would win? What do you think?

There were a couple of tanks that had tunnels that you could walk through, the kids loved this part being able to look up and see the fish swimming over you.

There was an outdoor complext that housed the dolphins, and they had a really good dolphin show.

If you go check out the website for any deals or specials going on (while we were there, they had 2 for 1 deals from Mcdonalds).  Also make sure to pack your own lunch as food inside the park can be kind of pricey.

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Sarah said...

Boys- they all want to know the same thing. Caleb bought a book at his last book fair that answers all those questions! It's called predator showdown and it says for example, fat tailed scorpion vs horned baboon tarantula (just what you always wanted to learn about!). There was polar bear vs orca and blue ringed octopus vs red king crab but no sea lion vs polar bear. There was bull shark vs seal. Here's the winners in case they still want to know: orca kills polar bear, if the crab can snap off enough of the octopus' arms he has a chance, otherwise octopuses crack their shell and then suck out the meat, lastly the seal has speed on it's side but the sharks teeth tear a hole in the seals side and it's soft body is more vulnerable than the shark! Just what you wanted to know. Caleb wanted to know what I was doing with his book so I reminded him of his buddy Charlie. If we were neighbors I'd have the perfect Christmas present for him! Hope you continue to enjoy Spain. I love reading about your adventures. What are you studying in school? Take care and Happy Holidays!