Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My daughter the activist

When my girl was in 2nd grade we read a book about shark's and how they were becoming extinct, she was so distraught she made signs to hang around school that said "Save the Sharks".  When she found out our local dog shelter was closing she went to work again. 

She made signs, and talked her little brother into helping.  She talked to her teacher at school about hanging up a sign and then passed around a notebook to all the kids in her class, that she could communicate with, asking them how many dogs they could adopt.

After all this work I couldn't deny her request to hang up the signs in our local neighborhood. 

Sure am proud to be this girl's mom.  Watch out Mr. President in 10 years she will be marching on your lawn.


Nancy said...

This could so be Mandy! This week she wanted to start a modesty campain. And went and talked to some of her friends about it:)

jackie may said...

Cajsa is adorable!! I nearly started crying, so proud to be her auntie (: