Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Spanish Night Market

I have written before about our wonderful local Friday market. I go religiously every Friday to get all my fruits, veggies, and olives. And if I happen upon the 5 Euro shoe table and they just happen to have something cute and in my size I pick it up, much to the disappointment of my children. They would prefer if we kept moving, they aren’t big fans of me stopping and browsing at each stand.

This week I learned about a night market close by and since I needed to send some birthday gifts we made the trip to see it. The place was crazy busy and huge, we wandered down one path for quite awhile and never got to the end.

I love all the scarves, if summer ever ends here I am definitely going to be stocking up on some scarves for winter.

These dresses are at my market too, and I adore them.

My oldest wants the Ronaldo one for his birthday.

We didn’t stay long at the market, though it was longer than my kids wanted too. They were done, this is the look of a tired and cranky baby.

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Nancy said...

How fun! So what did Charlie get for his birthday?