Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spanish 101 - finding a jogging stroller

In my quest to bring you the best information on Spain, I thought I would bring you with me on my journey to master the wonderful language.  My Spanish as I like to tell people, I am trying to communicate with is, "muy mal" or very bad, so I still have lots to learn. 

Last week I went by the baby store in our little pueblo looking for a jogging stroller.  I had planned out in my mind what I was going to say and it really made a lot of sense.  I knew the word for run which is correr, and I figured I could wing the rest. 

What I said " Necessito un Stroller(point to stroller) por correos, en Estados Unidos es jogging stroller (said with spanish accent)"  In my mind I said "I need a stroller for running, in the United States it is a jogging stroller"

What I actually asked for was to have a stroller shipped to the United States.  You see correos is actually the word for the post office.  They were so confused as to why I would want to mail a stroller to the U.S.  Thankfully a friendly lady helped me out and told the shop ladies what I really wanted.  And in case you are wondering, no, they don't have jogging strollers in Spain, at least not at that store.  The ladies thought I was insane for wanting to run with a stroller. 

This picture has nothing to do with the story, it is just a picture of my last jogging stroller, and my cute kids.  Look how big they are getting.



christine_medina said...

The only way you'll learn is by trying--so good for you for going and not being too scared to try! And I bet you will never forget the word for jogging stroller ;)

Nancy said...

Love the story! Good luck with the stroller:)