Friday, September 9, 2011

First day of school

Today was the first day of school here in Spain.  This is the day we have been looking forward too with trepidation all summer.  The kids are excited to start school, hoping they will meet new friends, and learn the language so they can plot against me (whatever motivates them).  But they are also nervous about not being able to speak the language.  We made the decision to send them to a bilingual school here, and I am so glad we did, I am hoping the transition will be smoother for them.
  This guy is going to do fine, as long as he finds a basketball to play with.
I'm sure this one will have started a club and invited people over for parties and clubs by the end of next week.  If your child hasn't come home with an invitation to a non-existent party at my house I am terribly sorry, or we haven't known you long enough.
This little man would be starting kindergarten in the states.  He is so excited to meet friends, and I heard the kids prepping him in the car on how it would not be okay to start a food fight. EVER!

Also this morning in the car we were discussing what you could do if you got scared at school.  I told them the things I do when I am nervous, say a prayer, take deep breaths, sing a hymn or primary song in my head.  Well this guy said, "hey mom I do that too" with a big smile on his face.  I said that's great buddy what song do you sing.  He said "star-wars".  Well whatever works.  Here's to hoping there first day is fabulous, and that they want to go back next week.


MamaHintze said...

Love the uniforms. Dinah has only known uniforms for school, Caleb since first grade. Hannah wore a uniform in 8th and 9th grade, including a blazer the first hour of each day. She was annoyed when I sold most most of her uniform when she finished at APA. Wanted to keep it to remember the good times. I love them because it simplifies the morning--Just get up and put on the uniform. Our trickiest days are the one or two free dress days they get each year. Less expensive, too.

christine_medina said...

Aww, good luck to them all. I hope their first day went well and that it only gets easier from here on out!

Still Grinnin' said...

I love those grandbabies. They are so awesome and look so good in their school uniforms. I love the look. Easy for all and espeically Cajsa who had to plan her week out for clothes. So easy for you and her now. Here's to hoping they had an awesome day and lots more to follow this year. I think that Katie was more nervous than the kids though. They are so resilient and wonderful and can figure out most times how to handle everything.

Katie said...

It's true mom I was way more nervous than them. But things went well.

Jeff, Jac, Marshall and Taylor said...

Really Cute pictures Katie. Miss you guys