Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer

One of our favorite summer activities.
Hola Amgios,

How was your labor day?  It is strange to be out of the country on a national holiday.  In Spain it was a normal day as usual.  We have been very busy trying to squeze in last minute pool and beach time before summer is over.  Our house guest finally left and it was so sad saying goodbye at the train station.  The kids are already asking who will be our next visitor.  Will it be you?  The kids go back to school on friday send prayers our way, I am so very nervous for them.  I started back to school on the 22nd of August so have been busy trying to get back into studying and writing mode.  I was never very good at either of those so I am having to work extra hard. 

We picked up the kids uniforms the other day and the kids were a little aprehensive.  We did uniforms in Japan and my kids hated them, I used to get my son dressed two or three times in the morning, he was only 5.  But thankfully after a few comments of the "You make that sweater look good" variety they decided they wouldn't be so bad. 

I hope you are enjoying your first week of September.

Besos, Katie

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Nancy said...

I will be praying for your kids! And Geraldine will be with us on Friday so we can all pray together. We are going to have a fabulous time with her this weekend!
I'm always sad on Labor Day because it means summer is really over. But I do LOVE fall!