Thursday, April 7, 2011

Take Your Kids to Europe

image from Amazon

Since you will all be coming to visit me in sunny Spain, I think Take Your Kids to Europe is an essential addition to your reading library.  This book is based on the authors trip to Europe with her 2 kids.  Part of the idea of the book is spending time in each country and getting to know the cultures and people.  I loved the way the author broke down travel with kids and made it seem possible.  She writes taking into account not only the childs point of view, but how as a parent you can make it through all the rough patches.  I also enjoyed the addition of other people's feedback and ideas.  My very favorite section though, is the "totally biased guide to what to see and do"  they discuss things to do in each country.  This section includes prices, phone numbers, location and any other pertinent info. 

Cynthia Harriman author of this amazing book also has a website which offers more excerpts from the book and more travel ideas.  I especially love the blog  which shares stories from other families and their experiences in Europe.   

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