Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Avis Rental Car

Cruising down the strip in our sweet ride!

When I headed to Vegas with my sisters I rented my car from Avis not only were they the cheapest, they offered even more discounts for paying up front.  Each employee I worked with was helpful and had a smile on their face.  When the check engine light came on before we left the garage they quickly gave me another car with a free upgrade, so pleased with the mustang convertible btw.  We will be renting again with our upcoming move and I am going to stick with Avis maybe I'll get lucky again and get a convertible. 


sarah h. said...

Yes. I'm going to China. And I'm excited, but every now and then I think how much Europe would be. I'll be on the look out for cheap tickets to spain. =)

sarah h. said... much fun Europe...

Nancy said...

The kids will love the convertable:)