Thursday, April 28, 2011

POPS in Oklahoma

When we road trip anywhere near Oklahoma we look forward to a trip to POPS.  In fact the other day my little one asked when we could go again. It is a gas station/diner that also has a huge (read 500+) bottled soda collection.  The soda is my families favorite part, they love picking out different flavors to try.  I love the diner style food, it is delicious and affordable especially for a bigger family like ours.  When we have gone at peak hours there has been a bit of a wait for the food, but it is definitely worth it.     

Its not hard to miss the huge soda bottle off of Route 66.

I love the soda bottles on the walls so fun.
Pops is located just off Route 66 north of the city.  

*images from the POPS website, of course I forgot my camera the last time we were there.


Crystle said...

Hey that's my state! I've never seen the giant pop bottle, where is it??

Katie said...

North of Oklahoma City just east of Edmund.

marsh said...

I cannot believe you came here and didn't call me! We could have eaten with you. Jerk-o-fat! :)