Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Are you organized?  Me not so much, the only thing that keeps my house from ending up on hoarders is the fact I move so much and my dear sweet hubby.  So you can see why a move across the ocean with 3 separate shipments was starting to stress me out. 

That is why I called in the big guns, two really good friends came to help me get started.  They came and helped me organize my craft room and my closet with only minimal tears and sobbing on my end.  It motivated me so much I am doing one organizational thing a day and it has worked quite well, it feels nice to be able to see the top of my fridge. 

Tonight instead of sitting on the couch and watching something from netflix I texted my friend and asked her to quick give me something to organize.  She replied with my bathroom cupboards and my recipes.  The bathrooms were easy but I have a tiny problem of loving and collecting recipes, not that I use them all, but I love to look at the pictures.  I commited to reducing my recipes by 50% and wanted to show her the picture proof of my job.


See I can be taught!


Nancy said...

Way to Go!!!!! I've been organizing too but I'm afraid all I did was move everything from my bedroom to the spareone??? Not sure that is progress.

KT said...

learn you well, my young jedi.

Katie Morse said...

Thanks KT you are officially my organizing guru.

Keyes said...

Awesome, Katie. I've been trying to do that, too.... with a minimal amount of tears. :)