Friday, March 11, 2011

Where in the World?

When we first learned we were moving to Japan, I can't say I was particularly excited.  I had never thought of visiting there, and all I could think of was the banana spider my husband had told me about.  Three years later I had fallen in love with a people and a culture that is so unique there is nothing like it in the world.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people in Japan right now. 
See if you can guess where this picture is taken.  It was my 30th birthday and an amazing opportunity.


Nancy said...

I have been so thankful all day that you are in the MIDDLE of the good old USA! I can't even imagine what those people are going through!

bobwall008 said...

I have no idea where you are but I do know your birthday is in August and the sun and clouds in the picture are beautiful. That should count for something.

Katie Morse said...

Thanks I was at the top of Mt Fuji in Japan