Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Kids

Last night after swimming I was trying to change quickly before the baby got away.  So to keep him busy I opened all the lockers.  He couldn't crawl away until they were all closed.  I am seeing OCD tendancies here.  So dang cute!
This boy had to get shots today.  He did so well I offered him a blizzard afterward.  All he wanted was the sponge bob sticker.  Seriously who turns down a blizzard.

I found these pictures on the camera of my girls photo shoot.  I think this is the day she was staying home from church because she was sick.  I guess she was feeling better.
He just took 1st place for the 3rd year in a row in his wrestling tournament.  I was proud of him, even if it feels wrong to cheer for your child as he wrestles another kid to the ground.  I guess all the wrestling and goofing around at home pays off.  


Nancy said...

No wonder Charlie took Mandy down:) Funny story from Evanston. A lady lost her little boy at the rec center. They finally heard him inside a locker with a lock on it????? She says she is no longer eligable for mother of the year:)

MamaHintze said...

I always thought that TDY stood for "Temporary Duty, Y'all"

Katie Morse said...

I think your right Aunt Marla