Monday, May 28, 2012

Anyone there?

Hello blogging world, I know it has been awhile, in fact I had a friend ask me if I realized it was 2012 and that I needed to update my blog. What can I say. Life got crazy with 4 kids, college online classes, spanish classes, and trying to live life and I realized I wasn't super woman. I know I was suprised too. So something had to give and the blog had to be set aside for awhile. Because I haven't posted since last Novemeber I thought I would post a photo summary to catch you up.

Cleaning our Thanksgiving turkey, I ordered a fresh turkey from the butcher and it was quite the experience.  We borrowed a hacksaw from the neighbor to cut off the handles of the pan so it would fit in our tiny European oven.
Celebrating our 12 year anniversary in Madrid.

Skiing in the Sierra Nevada's near Granada.  Three kings day is the best day to go BTW.

The vacation beard, always makes my heart beat a little faster.

Date night in Cartagena with friends and an impromptu tour of a cathedral.

Birthday parties at the go-cart track.

Spring break in Extramedura

Cute pictures made possible by M&M bribes
Thats a short instagram recap of the last couple months.  We still have a month left of school here, so here's to more pictures and adventures coming soon. 


Nancy said...

I still think you are super woman:)

KT said...

Yay for an update! Okay, so maybe you're not super woman -- perhaps Wonderwoman suits you better. :) Miss you!

Flora Lee said...

So good to see what you all have been up to. Aunt Nancy tries to keep me updated from your FB.

Katherine said...

I'm here! And I've gotta compliment you on your blog design Super cute!

Suzy said...

Sounds like so much fun.