Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After reading this post about passport covers I was inspired.  If you have ever traveled with passports, where you have more than one you are in charge of, you can understand why I think this idea is so brilliant.  We have 2 passports (no-fee and civilian) for everyone in our family so this will make my life so much easier.
The pile of passports before, I think I might need a new purse to carry all of those.

The tape I found at Wal-Mart under 4 dollars and a color for each of us.

The finished product, this is going to save so much time in the airport.


Zona Bosted said...

What a great idea!! You could also use this for other things too.

Nancy said...

Smart thinking!

SignWithMeVa said...

I have the Betty Boop Cover on mine

Seasoned Air Force Spouse said...

Much needed with our crew! Thanks and a smooth move to ya! Hope we get to an AB in Europe next year.