Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moving Stress

We are right in the middle of our move, packers all next week, then cleaning, end of year school events, and a trip to Grandma's.  During all this busyness I have noticed a few things that always happen to me right before or during a move.
- Going grey: I found a few more grey hairs that weren't there a couple months ago
- Insomnia: I find myself not being able to sleep going over lists in my head, I have a notebook by my bed to write everything down.
-Irritability: I am just a teeny-tiny bit senstive right now, so if everything doesn't go my way I can get ... well a little emotional.
-Breaking out:  My skin gets so crazy from all the stress, late nights, and crappy food. 
I sometimes start to feel a little like this.

Maybe it's not that bad, just don't ask my family for confirmation.

There are certain things I am doing to try and stay sane. 
-Letting things go: In the life and in the military everything doesn't always go as planned, I am trying to be patient with the process, and be as prepared as I can be, then everything will work out.
-Take care of my body and mind: Which means working out and making healthy eating choices even on the road.  And taking time for personal meditation and prayer every day.
-Pamper myself: I got some new face lotion, hoping to help the breakouts, and am going to get my hair cut and colored before we leave. 

How about you, when you are stressed from either a move or other things what do you do to stay sane?

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Nancy said...

Boy, I don't even have to be moving to look like that. It comes naturally:) I have been out of town for a couple of days so I will catch up with the voting. Your blog is the BEST! I hope you have a happy mother's day. YOU are the best!