Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Donuts at Little America, Wyoming

When I was a kid my family would stop at the Pilot Gas station in Mountain Home, Id every time we drove by.  They had the best ice cream counter and it was the perfect place to stop on our trip. 

The Little America about an hour east of Evanston is a place that we stop with our kids now.  They have the best donuts, and cleanest bathrooms.  Both important facts when embarking on a two day road trip. 

This is my oldest and baby enjoying a yummy donut.  They are glazed, yummy and large enough to share.  Except for Dad who always needs his own.


Nancy said...

O my gosh! I didn't know that. I now have a new rest stop complete with yummy donuts!

MamaHintze said...

They used to draw us in with 25 cent ice cream cones. I think they were 75 cents as we drove on by this past summer. Still kind of an oasis in the middle of Wyoming.