Thursday, March 31, 2011

8 is great!

Happy Birthday to my sweet angel.  In true girl fashion her birthday was stretched over the whole weekend.
Friday night birthday party, pajama theme, freezer paper t-shirt painting, movie and popcorn. 

Saturday daddy daughter dance, "Knight for a princess" put on by our local parks and rec.

Sunday was her actual birthday, breakfast in bed, scavenger hunt for presents, and being able to say things like "I don't have to set the table its my birthday."

Monday ears pierced.  A little traumatic, but worth it in the end.

So happy this girl is in our family.  She makes me smile every day. 


Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing the event with us!

Russ May said...

Happy Birthday from Pappa May.
We can't wait to see you for your baptism.

Zona Bosted said...

Love it!!