Monday, March 9, 2009

Grandma's Christmas Present

For Christmas this year Grandma gave us money, a tradition passed down from great grandma. When I was younger this money was always used for activities that wouldn't have normally happened. You know going out to eat, ice skating at the triad center, going to a movie or show. Things that are so fun to a kid.

In that same tradition I wanted to do the same thing for my kids. We had planned to take them skiing on one of the bunny hills located here in North Dakota, but unfortunately with our funeral trip that was canceled.

But the Pilot and I are nothing if not flexible (military life will do that to ya) and we quickly changed our plans. I had heard of the Great Wolf Lodge from a friend who visited it in Kansas and they loved it. So we found one on our route and thought it might be a nice thing to do on our way home to relax a little.

Each room reservation comes with passes to the indoor water park. The water park was fun a little older, but clean and big enough that the kids didn't get bored. They have this huge bucket that fills up with water and then a loud bell warns you it is ready to dump. Whenever I heard the bell I would look over and my 2 oldest would be standing under it. My son thought it was hilarious that one time it almost pulled of his shorts.

One other thing I have learned in military life is to always ask what discounts apply. So if you are military ask for the hero's package*, this got a great deal on one of the nicer rooms. We stayed in the Kid Cabin suite, the kids loved having there own log cabin right in the room. And it was nice for us to have our own space too. We got the breakfast package you can buy with your room reservation. It was five dollars* a person and totally worth it. Since if you pay the morning of it is significantly more. It was also really good food and lots of it. Perfect for any vacation.

All in all we will visit the Great Wolf Lodge again. Though we might have to wait till next years Christmas present from Grandma.

*Prices and packages correct for the last weekend in Feb 2009 and may have changed.

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