Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Car Trips

Our rental car in Hawaii.

Last week we had to make an emergency trip to NY for a funeral. It was a sudden trip planned in 24 hours. Luckily we are car travelers and the explorers are good travelers. We have picked up a few ideas that work for us along the way and I am graciously going to share.

-Make a list. As soon as I know we are going somewhere I start writing down everything that needs to be packed or done. If it isn't on the list it doesn't get packed. One of my very smart friends puts a basket in an easily accessible place and just adds things as she thinks of them.

-I let the kids pack there own car backpack. They usually pick a few toys, books, and activities. This also comes in handy if we are visiting someone who doesn't have kid items.

-Support your local library. I visit the library and pick up some new to us books, books on tapes, and movies.

-DVD player need I say more.

-Pack a sack lunch or use the dollar menu. Packing a lunch not only saves you money but saves time. This last trip I just climbed in the back of the van when we stopped for gas and made sandwiches for everyone.

-We have a PSP and gameboy that don't come out often. But on a 20 hour road trip they become part of the family.

-Check the weather, road conditions, and if there are tolls along the way. You can put your trip into on the interstate forecast page and get weather conditions for each road you are on. Many states have toll roads along the way, you want to check the states you are traveling and make sure you have spare change in the car, or look into a toll pass.

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